Champions League away goals rule: Could there be penalties TONIGHT? What are the rules?

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    The Champions League round of 16 is back as teams bid for a place in the last eight of the competition. A number of the ties remain close and could rely on away goals, extra time or even penalties to split them. Champions League games from the round of 16 to the semi-final are run over two legs but if the scores are level after 180 minutes the away goals can come into affect. The rule means that goals that are scored away count for more than goals that are scored at home with the thought originally being that it was harder to score away from home. WHEN IS THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUARTER-FINAL DRAW? And while that may no longer be the case, and there are talks over removing the rule from the game, it remains in place this season. That means if the scores are level following 180 minutes the team who scored more of the goals away from home go through - however if both teams scored the same number of goals home and away - i.e. both games were 2-2 draws - then it goes to extra time. The away goals rule can also come into play in extra time if all things are level again but more goals have been scored in the added 30 minutes. However if the teams cannot be split over 120 minutes then the match goes to penalties. The UEFA ruling confirms the system in Article 20 where it states: The Champions League final however is played in one off match on a neutral venue decided before the start of the competition. The final in 2019 will be Madrid at Atletico’s Wanda Metropolitano Stadium on June 1. So for the round of 16 games tonight Borussia Dortmund would have to beat Tottenham 3-0 to take the game to extra time and then penalties if there were no more goals over the next 30 minutes. If Dortmund win 4-1, or by any three-goal margin where Tottenham also score and then they would go out on away goals after failing to score in London. Ajax would have to beat Real Madrid 2-1 in Spain tonight to send their game into extra time, but a 1-0 win would not be enough because of the two goals Real scored in Amsterdam, but a 3-2 win for Ajax would see them go through on away goals with the tie level at 4-4. Trending Champions League round of 16 ties as they stand from the first leg Borussia Dortmund vs Tottenham (0-3 agg) Real Madrid vs Ajax (2-1 agg) PSG vs Manchester United (2-0 agg) Porto vs Roma (1-2 agg) Juventus vs Atletico (0-2) Man City vs Schalke (3-2) Barcelona vs Lyon (0-0) Bayern vs Liverpool (0-0)

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