RETS PRO Reviews with Chad Broussard

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    RETS PRO Reviews of some recent developer and clients websites built using RETSPRO WPR3x plugin.
    RETS PRO, previously called (WP Realty), is now being rebranded as RETS PRO™ due to our New 4.0 version that no longer requires a 3rd party CMS solution - so - no need to carry the WP-”WordPress” Realty) name anymore as we will be marketing the 4.0 as a "Stand-Alone Enterprise RETS Solution".….and yes of course we will still have a WordPress Plugin for the 4.0 version and we will continue to call it the current plugin WPR3x and then WPR4x when the RP- 4.0 is released.
    More information about RETS PRO™ - can be found on our new website @ or Call Us @ 888-474-9993
    RETS PRO Scams or Complaints about "unlicensed RETSPRO Developers/Scammers" should always be reported to Chad Broussard or - We do not condone the illegal distribution of this software and will file DMCA notices with any web host/sites that provide illegal downloads or misrepresentation of our software.
    RETS PRO™ is trademarked copyrighted software and owned by - Pro Marketing Group Inc.

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